“With OFF THE PATCH, Phoebe and Charlotte have been fantastic in keeping us informed on our property and providing a whole management approach that I had hoped to see from other companies but had yet to find.

For tenants, renting through OFF THE PATCH will give you peace of mind that the landlords are just like you. They understand service life, the flexibility it needs, the security and service that you want and they haven’t bought the property to make a quick profit. You get access to far superior housing stock because the landlords know that you can and will look after their most prized possession.”

— N.G. - OTP Landlord


“We’ve just signed our contract to rent a fantastic home from OFF THE PATCH, the rentals they offer are stunning.

Phoebe and Charlotte offer a professional yet friendly service where no matter how many questions you have, they’re happy to help.

Highly recommended by us and very happy we found them.

Genius concept for the military home owners and tenants alike, reassurance your home will be loved, enjoyed and looked after with a first class service provided.”

— S..J. - OTP Tenant

“I am just in the process of renting my house through OFF THE PATCH due to an oversees posting. I have been extremely impressed with the professional service, support and advice. 

I feel very secure that our home will be well managed by OFF THE PATCH when we are abroad who will not only provide a good service to ourselves but importantly the tenants.” 

— K.P. - OTP Landlord


“OFF THE PATCH turned the daunting task of finding a home an ocean away into a pleasant experience.

Phoebe was exceptionally helpful in guiding us through the process and differences from what is normal to us stateside.

Highly recommend OTP for getting your housing needs squared away!”

— J.C. - OTP Tenant